Torus Knot Software Ltd is a small company which since 2004 has provided products and services for several markets, including real-time 3D rendering and tools for Mac OS X.

Torus Knot Software Ltd is not accepting any more contracting engagements at this time, but you can find below a list of publicly available products we've worked on.

SourceTree is a Mercurial and Git client for Mac OS X 10.6+ which makes it easy to manage all projects using Mercurial or Git in one place.

SourceTree is designed for busy developers who need to get at the functionality of these powerful distributed version control tools quickly and easily.


OgreSpeedTree is a library designed to make it really easy to use SpeedTree® from IDV with OGRE.

OgreSpeedTree has been discontinued. However, if you wish to use it anyway, please ask your IDV SpeedTree® contact and they will provide you with access to the full source code, which is available for free (but with no support).

OGRE is an open-source real-time 3D graphics engine intended to be used in any application which requires top quality real-time rendering in a flexible package.